Reed Diffuser – Black


Packaging includes:
120ml Diffuser X1
Reed sticks X6
How to use a reed diffuser:
1. Flip the reed sticks after an hour
Allow the reed sticks to sit in the oil for an hour, then take them out and flip them over so that the dry ends sit in the oil mixture.
This will saturate both ends and quick-start the process of releasing the scent of the aroma oil.
2. Swirl the oil every week
Make sure that you gently swirl the oil inside the reed diffuser about once a week to ensure that the oil mixture is adequately mixed.
How long does a bottle of diffuser last
– A bottle of 120ml diffuser can last for up to 2~3 months.
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A safe and subtle continuous fragrance which enhances your home or work environment. The aromatic oils are absorbed through the reeds and released naturally into the air, enhancing every moment of every day with the splendid fragrance.

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Apple Green, Cherry Blossom, Chocolate Dream, Great Scott, Lemongrass, Midnight Tigress, Orange Sunshine, Osmanthus Flower, Softaculous, Springtime, Vacation Time, White Tea, Xanadu, Lavender


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