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Lavender – Lavender is in full bloom, filling the air with its delightfully fragrant aroma. From the bright purple fields of Provence to the sensuous oil you dab onto your pillow at night, we just can’t get enough of the calming, soothing and aromatic qualities it provides. In fact, it’s actually been proven to quell anxiety and promote sleep.

An ancient natural remedy, lavender’s a flowering member of the mint family – well, several members, because different types of lavender are used in perfumery.

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Lavender is thought to have originated in the highlands of India, but today it’s happy in all sorts of sunny, stony, well-drained spots around the world.  France is still the epicentre of production, though:  more and 80,000 kilos of lavender are grown each year.  The name comes from the Latin, so we’re told:  ‘lavere’ means ‘to wash’, and the Romans perfumed their baths with lavender oil.  In Medieval times, lavender was strewn on the floors of churches and homes, used to scent linen and clothing, and also in pot pourri and sachets.  (It helps to repel insects – even though bees love it, on the plant.)  Come Tudor times, quilted jackets and caps were stuffed with lavender.


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