About Us

Database of Experience

A wealth of cross industry experience in providing the best scenting solutions

Fast & Furious

Proactive and the fastest first responder within the entire industry


Building long term partnership, growing together with our clients and partners


We love what we do, and we do it best!

Pioneers in Scenting Tech

We are a pioneering scent solutions company, helping clients and companies implement scent marketing as part of their overall branding strategy since 2010.

Our customers include leading hotels, high end residences, shopping centers, convention centers, retail stores and various other business outlets that aim to create a welcoming and pleasant ambiance for their customers. We are now expanding to the consumer market as well as many of our clients customers are interested to bring these scents into their homes.

Our Amazing Team

Our team are here to serve your needs in anyway that we can.

Ronald Lee

Business Development

Heads the South East Asia regional business development unit. Oversees overall brand, product & marketing expansion.

Jesse Lee

Sales & Operations

Responsible for sales and  day to day operations and ensures customer satisfaction on all of our range of products and services.

Samantha Lim

Support Systems

Takes care of back-end support systems, stocks, logistics, and the finances. Generates reports and measures KPIs to ensure healthy growth.

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